Create a Happiness Ecosystem for Success by Utmost Efforts

2017 Fosun Global Annual Conference was held in Shanghai on January 15. Based on the theme "Deepening & Flourishing -- Creating a Happiness Ecosystem for Success", Fosun Group's Chairman Mr. Guo Guangchang, President Mr. Wang Qunbin and nearly 800 senior executives across the world conducted in-depth discussions on Fosun's future strategic development. The conference made active exchanges on such key words as "C2M", "ecosystem", "industrial integration", "asset allocation", "enablement", etc. Besides, Fosun's new partners in 2017 were also publicly announced at the conference.


  Reflections from the Attending Guests


  Ron Michael,Ahava CEO:


  I enjoyed to participate in the "Happiness" panel and share insights with the respective panel members. I loved meeting the various attendees and telling them about AHAVA while examining potential routes for cooperation. Finally, I am always overwhelmed to learn how strong and large the Fosun family is worldwide and especially in China. A huge, diversified but still young organization.


  Nuno Manuel da Silva Amado, CEO of Banco Comercial Português:


  Fosun is a diverse and world-class investment group with proud roots in China. It is important for myself and my colleagues to attend this conference in order to get a better understand of our roots and principles.


  Michael Bentlage, Partner of Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers:


  The conference provides a great opportunity to see the newly acquired companies; to see what new strategies are in place and what is changing. This conference really does a great job for all Fosun Group members.


  Yoshiharu Hoshino, President & CEO of Hoshino Resorts:


  This was the first chance for me to see other companies, executives and other business structures under the Fosun umbrella. The conference allows me to connect with a wide range of companies including a cosmetic company from Israel – these network opportunities allow us to develop some business synergies with other Fosun family companies.


  Rajnish Kumar, Ixigo CTO:


  It really helped me understand how Fosun has evolved over the years and where it’s headed. It was interesting to see that now the focus is also on early stage companies with also a focus on new technologies outside of China, in particular, India.


  Benjamin Bilski, CTO of the NAGA Group:


  Being in Europe, we do not know exactly what Fosun does, but here being at the conference, we know how big Fosun really is, and how diversified it is. This conference also allows us to see how well the management team has established its core principles of building this group.


  Franz Josef Hahn, CEO of Peak Reinsurance:


  The conference provided a good networking environment for the entire Fosun family to explore synergistic opportunities. It is also good to see that Fosun has built a new and professional meeting venue - the BFC.”


  Mario Fleck, CEO of Rio Bravo:


  We can see that the size of Fosun group is amazing and the opportunities that exist are fantastic. We’ve already made a lot of contacts with companies that can bring their technologies or their products to the Brazilian market. We believe there will be fantastic opportunities in leveraging the combination of local products and global markets.


  Robin Simpson, CEO of Roc Oil:


  You know the opening video, you just see the breath of the company. You realize the size and range of Fosun around the world. I see Denis on the panel at Fosun insurance, with Fosun insurance, we would provide the insurance to Thomas Cook. We’ve also been doing Fosun insurance and getting insurance that way. We see the brand display. I think that’s what hit you the conference, wow, what a big company, rich amazing brands, just wow.


  Christian Wrede, Senior Managing Director of Taunus Capital Advisory GmbH, Germany (Run-Off):


  We focus on the speech, the internet is really changing. The C2M, that’s really my major takeaway, that’s something I haven’t high on agenda.