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The Story of Studio 8, Ang Lee and Fosun

In the evening of June 10, which is the eve of the opening of the Shanghai International Film Festival, “Fosun & Studio 8-Shanghai Night” was held in Xintiandi. Fosun Group’s Chairman Guo Guangchang, Studio 8’s founder and CEO Jeff Robinov, and renowned film director Ang Lee attended theevent together and jointly injected new momentum from China into the global film arena.


Among the evening’s attendees were an array of prominent guests, including almost all of the leading figures of the Chinese film and television industry.


Fosun Group’s Chairman Guo Guangchang delivered a speech at the event, noted that “Wealth, health, and happiness are the consistent pursuits of families around the globe. And what Fosun has to do is to provide household customers with products and services with the highest quality and the richest content, offering the best one-stop solutions to satisfy their needs. In order to fulfil this vision, we have to get together with people with strong craftsmanship and innovative sentiments.


Jeff and his team are exactly this kind of people. We respect their craftsmanship, and appreciate the meticulousness and profusion of sentiments that they demonstrate regarding content production. That’s why we have witnessed the stable development of Studio 8 over the past two years. We believe that with Fosun’s cooperation, as well as the joint efforts made by the many friends supporting our development, including director Ang Lee, in future we will be sure to create awe-inspiring works with a long-l sting influence for general audiences.”


Fosun’s introduction to Hollywood’s film industry was not confined to content R&D and production. “We as always are optimistic about the long-term outlook on the cultural sector, and have performed positioning work and layout in the industry chain.”


Maggie Huang, Fosun Group’s Managing Director of Studio Entertainment Investment Department and Studio 8 Director, explained that “in the film and television production segment, our first step was to invest in Studio 8 jointly with Sony Pictures. Studio 8’s first movie is ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ which is produced in collaboration with director Ang Lee.


The showings of which are expected to commence on 11 November this year across North America. In the film showing and television broadcasting segment, we initiated and participated in the privatization of the Bona Film Group, and have been cooperating closely with Shanghai Film Group Corporation.” Within the film industry, Fosun is dedicated to building a world-class IP portfolio as well as covering the film and television artists and fans economy, thereby creating inter-connections and integration amongst production, distribution, showings, and derivative segments.


Over the next 5 to 10 years, Fosun will endeavor to become a global pioneer in the segments of wealth, health and happiness, committing to provide outstanding solutions for individuals and households around the world among these segments. The happiness segment, of which films represent a key component, is indeed one of Fosun’s key areas of investment and development.


Currently, Fosun is attempting to combine China’s growth momentum with Hollywood’s film and television industry regime, as to build its world-class IP portfolio by the means of ecosystem chains, thereby bringing happy experience to users in China and around the globe.


Appearance at Shanghai International Film Festival Jeff Robinov, founder and CEO of Studio 8 (a Hollywood film company that invested by Fosun Group), together with his core team and Maggie Huang, Fosun Group’s Managing Director of Fosun’s Studio Entertainment Investment Department and Director of Studio 8) appeared on the red carpet and at the opening ceremony of the Film Festival.


Jeff Robinov with Studio 8’s core team appearing on the red carpet Jeff Robinov said that he had great admiration for director Ang Lee as early as 20 years ago. “Fifteen years ago I gave Lee a phone call, and expressed my intention to cooperate with him.”


Regarding his collaboration with Fosun, Jeff Robinov noted that Studio 8 and Fosun Group share the same vision of bringing fun to the world, provoking people’s thinking and making people laugh.


He expressed that Fosun is similar to Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in that it has trustworthy management: “I have been working in film production for 35 years.

What I am looking for is not someone who is more capable than me in production, but a partner for strategic cooperation who trusts us, trusts our company’s vision, has abundant resources at its disposal, and who will be able to assist with our corporate development. To this end, Fosun Group is the perfect match for Studio 8.” Jeff Robinov also revealed that Studio 8 might choose to establish its China office in Shanghai. “I am actually very interested in Chinese culture, and I am now looking for some traditional Chinese stories that come with action elements and visual effects. It’s been a pleasure to be able to meet with so many people in the film industry here in Shanghai.


I am ready to get to know more about this city and to exchange ideas with more professional industry practitioners.” Studio 8’s current objective is to release six movies globally per year, and its wholly self-financed film The Solutrean will be brought to cinemas in September 2017.


A film production company led by professional film industry practitioners, Studio 8 is committed to the development and production of premium movies with both rich commercial elements and unique visual experiences through long-term collaboration with distinguished talent in the sector. Studio 8 is jointly invested by Fosun Group and Sony Pictures, with the objective of releasing six movies globally per year.


It has now raised USD 1 billion capital, and its latest works include The Solutrean whose production has just been completed, and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which jointly produced through the collaboration between director Ang Lee and Sony’s TriStar Pictures, that will be shown in North America on November 11, 2016.