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Fosun Wants to Give Foreign Companies Room to Grow in China


Nikkei Asia Review has reported Chairman Guo’s interview in Tokyo on June21, which is the very first time for Chairman Guo to talk with Japanese media. As part of Fosun’s global strategy, Fosun’s investment in Japan will still focus on three aspects of people's daily lives: wealth, healthand happiness, according to the interview.


Chairman Guo also stated that one of Fosun’s focus in Asia is Japan. Chinese people are very interested in Japanese health care goods and medicalservices, as well as its animation and entertainment. At the same time, Japan and China are both part of Asia, and the two countries share certainsimilarities in lifestyles. This helped make Japanese goods and services popular with Chinese consumers and he takes this as great opportunity forcooperation with Japanese companies.


Besides strategies in Japan and Asia, Chairman Guo has also talked about the way how he perceives China’s economics.