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Dialogue between Guo Guangchang and CCTV: Here is the Secret of Fosun’s “Overseas Shopping”


On May 15, the “Dialogue” program of the CCTV Financial Channel broadcast a special feature on Fosun’s Chairman Guo Guangchang. During the program, Guo Guangchang vividly described Fosun’s overseas investment cases in recent years and shared his own investment experience by opening many “overseas shopping” packages from abroad.

During the recording session, Guo Guangchang interacted with the host and guests, with the conversation sparking one quotable line one after another: Fosun has never engaged in hostile acquisitions, and I think a good marriage is definitely not achieved by



Any investment is a combination of rationality and sensibility, meaning sensibility is backed up by rational analysis, and rationality is followed by sensible experience. Club Med: I think we appeared to make a smart investment, but we actually paid attention to the industry behind the investment.

The most fundamental thing is the target served by the industry, and whether the industry has brought value to the target. So whether the customers are happy is actually the most important thing. The most fundamental job of Club Med is to make its customers happy. We have brought the French lifestyle to China, and opened a number of Club Meds in China.


Cirque du Soleil: In fact, both Club Med and Cirque du Soleil have very glorious histories, but they need to make constant breakthroughs and to find a broader market. So they need partners like Fosun and a huge market like China, including Chinese cultural elements.


Bringing such elements to Club Med and Cirque du Soleil and making them more colorful is the reason for our success. Fidelidade: Why did we dare to invest in Fidelidade? The most important reason is that it has a very good team, which proved its excellence by being able to seize about 30% of the Portuguese market share. It is also a very profitable business, but in this difficult time, its shareholders need to sell it. I have great confidence in the management.What we need is to trust them, give them a better stage, and then give them better incentives.


United Family: If you want to make “quick money,” then I think you’d better not invest in hospitals. In all of our sectors, hospitals have the lowest and slowest ROI, and the longest investment cycle.

Therefore, when making investments in this sector, we must prepare ourselves psychologically to think long-term, just as Ms. Roberta Lipson said. More often, we think we should do a “right” thing first, rather than hope

to make “quick money.”

Fosun is rooted in China, and there is only one purpose for behind our global integration of resources, and that is to better serve families in China and the world. Fosun works to provide solutions that offer a lifestyle of wealth, health and happiness that every family needs. “Go out better and come back better.”


This is why Club Med continues to open resorts in China. Chinese audience will

also have the opportunity to see a show by Cirque du Soleil that integrates Chinese elements, and enjoy better insurance products from Fidelidade and medical services from United Family Healthcare.

Many more terrific products and services have arrived in China or are on the way. From Thomas Cook’s tourism products to Osborne’s wine and 5J ham, from SilverCross’ stroller to Dead Sea skin care products of Ahava, Fosun’s “overseas shopping” trips will not cease.