Fosun Management (Swiss) Ltd. Introduction


In 2015, Fosun Management (Swiss) Ltd. has been established in Zurich, one of the major global financial centers and home to a large number of banking giants. Located in the center of Continental Europe, Fosun Zurich acts as the key investment, financing and asset management platform of FOSUN Group rooted in the local market.


Fosun Zurich incorporates professional teams on real estate and private equity investments. Based on the “insurance + investment” strategy, we seek investment opportunities under the model of “Combining China’s Growth Momentum with the global resources” in real estate, finance, healthcare and “happy and fashionable lifestyle” industries.


In July 2015, Zurich platform has facilitated the first real estate acquisition of Fosun in Continental Europe through Fidelidade --- Palazzo Broggi in Milan, which is the former headquarter of the largest Italian financial institution, UniCredit.


Nowadays, Zurich team is composed of 6 professionals from different countries with rich industry experiences. Through cooperation within energetic and efficient team work,Fosun Zurich will continue promoting the cross-culture and business cooperation between China and Europe.


Contract: Antoine Castro

Email: antoine.castro@fosun.com