Guo Guangchang’s Proposal at the Annual Plenary Sessions of NPC and CPPCC

Proposal to foster supply-side reform through “intelligent services”


The country should step up the design of its “intelligent services” development roadmap in order to foster supply-side reform by encouraging the development of “intelligent services” and should also support enterprises in accelerating supply-end innovation and upgrades which are centered on customers’ needs, therefore injecting new force into the competitive growth of our country’s economy and enterprises.


Give full play to the introduction of private enterprises in tackling the crux of poverty alleviation


Enjoying relevant support, more private enterprises are further encouraged to dedicate them to tackling the crux of poverty alleviation and to industry-based poverty alleviation. So long as relevant policies are adequately researched and implemented at the national level, the activeness of private enterprises will be fostered and summoned, and core industries will be introduced for specialized poverty alleviation based on regional characteristics. Members at all levels of the Party Committee and government should offer comprehensive and supportive guidance to private enterprises in their attempt to tackle the crux of poverty alleviation.


Upgrade to version 2.0 of the overseas investment insurance system


The current model of a unilateral overseas investment insurance system is to be changed to a bilateral-and-unilateral hybrid overseas investment insurance system. The upgrade from the current “integrated model” regarding insurance review and approval institutions and institutions with business operations to a “segregation system” is to be promoted. Comprehensive insurance-based establishment planning is to be conducted.


Promote domestic tier-based treatment through the “Internet-based hospital” model


Research on, support toward, and promotion of the “Internet-based hospital” model are to be stepped up. Centralized arrangements should be made for further groundbreaking attempts in such areas as online medical insurance services and online pharmaceutical services (where fees for medication covered by medical insurance can be claimed online). On the basis of Internet-based hospitals, advantageous social resources should be integrated for establishing a “large database platform for precision healthcare with unified standards” so that a quick realization of precision healthcare can be fostered for the benefit of the general public in the near future, where patients are provided with specialized, personalized treatment services and tier-based treatment guidance.


Create a multi-level pediatric healthcare services regime


The government is to offer specialized safeguards to ensure the provision of pediatric outpatient and emergency services at comprehensive hospitals. People are to be encouraged and guided to offer pediatric healthcare services through various means with social capital. Internet functionalities are to be tapped fully, such that the comprehensive function of the pediatric healthcare services system can be performed effectively, while the possibility of establishing Internet-based pediatric clinics/hospitals is to be explored.