Hong Kong


Fosun was established in Shanghai in 1992. On July 16, 2007, Fosun International (00656.HK) listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Hong Kong Office has then acted as the main channel to assume the role of facilitating the listed company dealing with its stakeholders including shareholders, investors, media, intermediary institutions, business partners and communities. Hong Kong Office, which serves as Fosun’s first representative office outside mainland China, has become an important platform for Fosun to access international capital markets and overseas markets while Fosun embarked on the globalization of its businesses. Hong Kong Office also gives strong support to Fosun in a wide range of tasks, including Fosun’s overseas business expansion, foreign investment and financing, accounting and taxes, regulatory compliance, investor relations and brand building.


In 2012, Fosun made its first sizeable investment in a reinsurance firm in Hong Kong by taking a majority stake in Peak Re. The Hong Kong Office integrated and deployed the Group’s resources to facilitate the transaction. In 2014, Fosun acquired a Hong Kong-based securities company, Hani Securities, which was formally renamed as Fosun Hani Securities in early 2016. As Fosun’s representative office in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Office fully supported Fosun Hani Securities in gaining a foothold in Hong Kong. This strengthened the Group’s effort to further develop its financial businesses such as securities and asset management in Hong Kong. In addition, for many years, Hong Kong Office has played a role as a bridgehead for the Group to list its portfolio companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has advised on and coordinated work of the Group’s significant investments. For instance, Hong Kong Office assisted in the listings of Fosun Pharma (02196.HK) and Sinopharm Group (01099.HK) and has coordinated the work of corporate bond issues and share placements, thus making it easier for these companies to tap Hong Kong’s capital market.


Currently, the business divisions that Fosun has established at the Hong Kong Office include Fosun Insurance, Fosun Insurance - Fixed Income Department, Fosun Bank Group, Fosun Pharma, Fosun Property Holdings, Key Project Investment Department, China Momentum Fund, etc. All the important functional divisions, including the Treasury Management Centre, Financial Management Centre, Risk Management Department, Legal Department, Office of Board Secretary, Investor Relations Department, Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Department, Human Resources Department and Administration Department, each have established their own dedicated teams at the Hong Kong Office. These functional teams have consistently provided strong supports to the Group and satisfied the needs of development of Fosun, as well as the Group’s business divisions and portfolio companies in Hong Kong. These functional teams have also provided supports to the Group in acquiring some significant overseas projects, thereby helping to drive the development of the Group’s major businesses in the health, happiness and wealth sectors.


Since Fosun International has been listed in Hong Kong in 2007, Fosun has been organizing its annual/interim results press conferences, investor meetings and shareholders’ meetings. In recent years, Fosun has broken the mould of conventional press conferences of most listed companies in Hong Kong by holding the innovative Fosun fair & exhibitions and forums that cover a number of Fosun’s portfolio companies. This approach enables shareholders, investors, analysts, clients, media and business partners to understand comprehensively the business development strategies of Fosun, and, at the same time, facilitates the Group’s in-depth communication with markets. This has improved the Group’s transparency and its standards of corporate governance.


Being an iconic Chinese private enterprise listed in Hong Kong, Fosun not only emphasizes on ongoing communication with stakeholders such as shareholders, investors and media, but also proactively engages in corporate social responsibility initiatives. To extend the Fosun’s spirit of promoting youth entrepreneurship to Hong Kong, Fosun’s management team regularly visit universities in Hong Kong and serve as keynote speakers, encouraging Hong Kong students to shape the future with entrepreneurial spirit and realize mutually beneficial development with the society. 2017 is the 10th Anniversary of Fosun International Listing in Hong Kong and 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of Fosun Group. Fosun has led its global partners to visit the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), exchanging views with HKUST’s senior management and announced the launch of Fosun-HKUST MBA Technopreneur Program, cultivating entrepreneurial spirit among Hong Kong college students. Moreover, Fosun has joined the Caring Company Scheme run by a renowned Hong Kong non-profit organization to actively promote social welfare in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Office will continue to build the Group brand in Hong Kong’s capital market and in the society, and to give support to the Group in the implementation of its strategy for developing the integrated financial capability in Hong Kong. It also serves as an important platform for the Group to establish its global integrated financial capability in investment, raising funds and asset management, deal sourcing, talent management and brand development. Following the implementation of the Group’s upgraded strategies, Hong Kong Office will stay focused on strengthening the Group’s presence in the health, happiness and wealth sectors so as to create customer-to-maker (C2M) happiness ecosystem and provide high-quality products and services for families around the world.


Contact E-mail: adm.hk@fosun.com