Internet Innovation


Fosun believes that China’s huge demographic dividend is switching from the advantages in manufacturing industry brought about by huge cheap labor to the growth of the world’s biggest middle-class consumption market brought about by a huge middle-class population as well as the growth of the world’s biggest mobile Internet market brought about by the world’s biggest group of Internet users.

Therefore, Fosun believes that China now has a huge opportunity – traditional industries will fully leverage modern information technologies such as mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing and a more efficient “intelligent economy” business model will be born and become a thriving “unicorn”.

Now, Fosun has already made the following exploration and investment successfully:

Firstly, “Fosunlink” app is adopted as a comprehensive mobile platform for internal management and business development. Using mobile Internet technology, Fosunlink connects internal ancillary resources for global operations such as human resources, legal compliance, finance and auditing to build up strong middle and back offices share global internal ancillary resources and better realize the model of “small elite team at front office + big group’s global resources”. So far, “Fosunlink” app has already covered around 40,000 staff and over 100 enterprises.

Secondly, Fosun vigorously implemented Star Plan, a data-driven O2O (Online to Offline) solution, to enable the Group’s invested enterprises to share the enormous client resource which consists of a huge number of middle-class families. This plan has already covered real behavioral data of over 30 million users from industries such as finance, health, happiness and property, etc.

Thirdly, Fosun actively invested in and developed mobile Internet apps related to wealth, health and happiness, especially apps that integrate Internet into traditional businesses. Examples include Redcollar Kute Smart, which is engaged in Customers to Manufactory (C2M) to mass produce custom-made suits with its business model already being promoted across the whole industry, and other projects such as, Zhejiang E-commerce Bank and Cainiao, which all show huge potential for growth in the future.