“Unicorn” Strategy

What's “Unicorn”

“Dynamic Unicorn” – when the Chinese economy embraces the “new normal” growth, transformation and development have become the internal dynamics to drive enterprises. How will enterprises overcome pain points, seek innovation opportunities in industry, finance and investment sector, as well as discover and create value? They’re required to cater for customer demands, rely on such modern information technologies as mobile Internet and big data, and dazzle the customers with premium products and services. In response, “unicorn” enterprises emerge.


As part of its light-asset strategy, Fosun pushed forward with its “unicorn” strategy vigorously at the beginning of 2016. Fosun believes that in addition to Internet enterprises, a batch of very competitive unicorn enterprises can be created in the wealth, health, happiness and innovative manufacturing industries in the future by proactively integrating Internet and artificial intelligence into traditional industries and by consolidating idle and cheap resources through mature products or business models.


Therefore, Fosun firstly implemented “unicorn” strategy vigorously with new investment, including the use of venture capital funds (“VC”) and private equity funds (“PE”) to invest in unicorn projects such as Guahao.com, developing unicorn from the start through greenfield investment, such as Zhejiang E-Commerce Bank Co., Ltd. and Cainiao, investing in unicorn projects in public market, such as Focus Media, and proactively taking part in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises to build unicorns, such as Sinopharm.


Secondly, Fosun sought to transform secondary projects such as Fosun Medical and Fosun Tourism into unicorns. Lastly, Fosun stepped up efforts to work with unicorn enterprises in order to transform the Group itself into a unicorn ultimately.

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