Fosun Global Partners



Chairman and CEO of Fosun Integrated Care Group


Mr. Dong joined Fosun in 2016.3. He is one of Fosun Group‘s Global Partners,and Chairman and CEO of Integrated Care Group,and a Chairman or Executive Director of various companies within Fosun Integrated Care Group.


Mr. Dong has pursuing in the Healthcare Industry more than 20 years. He served successively as vice President and COO of Beijing Intech Rehabilitation Hospital,Medical Business Director of Beijing Gonghe Yuan,as well as a Clinical Researcher of ICORD Spinal cord injury research center in Canada. Mr. Dong also served as a medical project leader of Beijing Dingqi Kaiyuan Investment Company, and Expert at medical system department of GE , and Neurosurgeon of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital.

Mr. Dong graduated from Hebei medical university in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine,and then received his master's degree in Imaging and Nuclear Medicine from Beijing‘s Capital medical university in 2003.