Fosun Global Partners

TIAN Zuoyun


CEO and President of Yosun


Ms. Tian Zuoyun joined Fosun in 2016. She is currently a Fosun global partner, CEO and president of YOSUN Industrial Development Group.


Ms. Tian Zuoyun is responsible for leading the overall development and layout of YOSUN Industrial Development Group. As the practitioner of Fosun C2M strategy, a deep operator of fashion industry, YOSUN Industrial Development Group focuses on the deep integration of industry plus real estate, with the mission of “making every family in the world more fashionable”, planting roots in China, serving the global billion family customers, and intelligently creating the new ecology of C2M fashion industry.

Under the leadership of Ms. Tian Zuoyun, YOSUN Industrial Development Group has gathered the world’s top professional team, deeply cultivated the fashion industrywith the industry customers as the center, and built a number of good product brands, such as offline scene: YOSUN·Wuhan International Fashion Center, THE PLACE, YOSHOP Original Collection, YFD Incubator and so on; online platform: Shanglai, IPX, YOPAI etc. The Group dedicates to solve the pain point in all aspects of the industry, set up the industry benchmarks, and has won the industry’s high recognition.