Fosun Global Partners

Alex Bai (BAI Tao)


Vice Chairman and CEO of Fosun Capital


Alex Bai (BAI Tao), Vice Chairman and CEO of Fosun Capital。


Mr. Alex Bai (BAI Tao) (age 42) joined Fosun in 2010 and is currently the Vice Chairman and CEO of Fosun Capital. Fosun Capital is a renowned assets management platform within the Fosun Group focusing on private equity investment. Since joining Fosun, Mr. Alex Bai has led the investment team, invested more than 5 billion RMB and helped many portfolio companies to successfully go IPO. The sectors of these investments include intelligent manufacturing, consumption service, health and TMT. Mr. Alex Bai was awarded with the 2018 TOP INVESTORS prize by PEAS.


Before joining in Fosun, Mr. Alex Bai was the CEO of ADEL Group. Prior to that, he worked in Create Capital and PWC.


Mr. Alex Bai obtained his Bachelor's degree from Fudan University in 2000, and a Finance MBA degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2012.