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240K Medical Protective Suits, 200K Masks Secured, Guangchang Thanks All Global Partners

During my two days in Davos, I have always been concerned about the domestic epidemic situation, and our global partners are also worried about the development of China’s outbreak of Corona virus. Having just returned from Davos this morning, I felt more strongly that the epidemic came with an extreme speed. Therefore, we immediately launched Fosun's global medical material procurement plan.


In about just 10 hours, through the coordination and joint efforts of multiple teams in many regions around the world, Fosun first purchased more than 240,000 sets of medical protective suits from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Japan, India and other places while we also secured more than 200,000 medical masks. These materials will support the epidemic prevention and patient treatments as quickly as possible - an urgent task for my home country. After the first batch, more medical supplies are still being purchased and dispatched.


I would like to thank all our global partners and fellow classmates around the world, and they are the key for us being able to do it so quickly. Although Fosun's overseas staff are from different countries and speak different languages, this time When China is facing a major epidemic, all of our overseas colleagues coordinated local medical supplies immediately, bought as much as they could, and leveraged global resources to help prevent and control the epidemic. I am particularly proud of our global employees, who reminds me with great appreciation of what President Xi said before - This is an era of " A community of A Shared Future for Mankind." Fosun ’s global classmates have united global resources for this community with our strength and wisdom are working together for the fate of all mankind.

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year. We sincerely hope with the joy of the New Year; all the pain will pass quickly. We wish we all get better: healthier, happier, and wealthier.

Thanks again to Fosun's global partners and my fellow Fosun's classmates. On this Chinese New Year, I sincerely wish you a happy Chinese New Year with your joyful family!

I also hope every family in China to be safe and sound. God bless China, Wuhan, hold on, please!