Integrated Finance

Intergrated Finance


Fosun is becoming a world-class company with insurance-oriented integrated financial capability and global industrial integration capability taking roots in China. Starting from 2007, Fosun’s investment in global insurance business has reached out to different parts of the world involving a variety of insurance business.


Based on a globalized insurance business layout, Fosun is committed to investing in the innovative capability for global insurance business, thus forge a “insurance+” strategy with Fosun’s style.

Insurance + Globalization

Expand Fosun Insurance global footprint by exploring regional opportunities

Insurance + Health

Fully leverage Fosun’s industry expertise in health and pharmaceutical realm

Insurance + Technology

Build a comprehensive Fosun InsurTech landscape driven by innovation

Insurance + Industry

Create preferential insurance and reinsurance solutions for Fosun Group companies, leveraging Fosun’s industrial expertise



We adhere to our unique investment model of “Combining China’s Growth Momentum with Global Resources” and capture investment opportunities benefiting from China’s growth momentum through our in-depth understanding of China’s macroeconomic and microeconomic trends and our insightful analysis of the global market, together with our established operational experience that has been accumulated over many years and our strong execution capabilities.


The investment business includes three major parts, namely strategic investment, private equity and venture capital investments and capital contribution to the Group’s asset management business as a limited partner (PE/VC/LP investments), and secondary market investments.

Wealth Management

The Group engages in raising and managing funds from third parties and collects management fee and shares of investment gains through the asset management business.


We act as a general partner of the funds that we manage. At present, we mainly manage US dollar fund, namely, Pramerica-Fosun China Opportunity Fund and CMF, qualified foreign limited partner fund, namely Fosun-Carlyle (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund L.P., RMB private equity fund, Star Capital, Shanghai Xinghong Phase I Equity Investment Fund Partnership (L.P.),real estate fund series of Forte, and foreign currency denominated real estate funds. Moreover, we hold the majority equity interest of Fosun Finance Company and the entire equity interest of Fosun Hani Securities.


The above-mentioned businesses will further increase our integrated financial capabilities to consolidate domestic and overseas financial resources.


In terms of innovative finance, the Group actively plans for a new type of financial industry with internet cloud computing technology as its core, and has successfully invested and developed several projects with industrial depth and multi-dimension ecosystem features, including Mybank, Cainiao, Chuangfu Finance Leasing and Yuntong Micro Credit.