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Fosun Beijing Regional Headquarter was established in 2008 and is located at Beijing Fosun International Center, No. 237 Chaoyang North Rd, Beijing. Over the years, it has been implementing Fosun’s philosophy of value investment, actively leveraging its function as the key regional headquarters, building a service platform to align with necessary resources, maintaining and promoting Fosun's brand, as well as supporting various projects and business development of the Group and its industrial companies.

Major investment departments at Beijing Regional Headquarter include Key Project Investment Department (focusing on the reforms of state-owned enterprises), Kinzon Capital (VC), Sungin Capital, Internet and Global Strategy Group, Bank Group, Forte Beijing and other groups. Fosun’s important portfoloio companies in Beijing include United Family Healthcare Group, Pramerica Fosun and others.

Fosun Beijing Regional Headquarter has long been committed to the corporate cultural values of “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance and Contribution to Society”. It maintains smooth interactions and communication with various sectors in Beijing, supports education, encourages entrepreneurship and assumes social responsibilities.

Upholding the value of “all-win cooperation”, anyone who is interested in Fosun is welcome to contact and communicate with us.