“A single spark can start a prairie fire”

we hope to groom each and every employee of Fosun into a dazzling star – A flame as we gather, and stars as we scatter.


Our visions:

Creating Fosun’s own “Whampoa Military Academy”by cultivating a remarkable workforce mainly comprising entrepreneurs. Our workforce is required to meet international standards and possess world-class expertise to meet the development needs of the Group in advance swiftly,thereby enhancing Fosun’s global competitiveness and influence.



Outstanding talents are welcomed to join us. We are dedicated to continuously improving our remuneration system so as to provide a competitive remuneration package to our well-performing personnel.




Through the interview, you can understand more about our corporate culture and business operations, as well as in which of our platforms you can give full play to your value and grow with our company. The interview will also provide us a chance to have a more comprehensive understanding about you, which will enable us to make a best match between our career opportunities and your capability.

Interview Process and Related Procedures


For an easy understanding of the processes, we listed below the interview and related procedures for all interested parties with working experience:


You are invited to apply for the career opportunities you are interested in together with a detailed resume;

We will review your resume preliminarily and identify the career opportunity suitable for you;

In case there is a suitable vacancy, our HR department will arrange a preliminary interview;

Depending on the particular career opportunity, a few round of communication will then be arranged between you and the department offering the opportunity, which will enable you to understand the business of our company and let us know better if the opportunity really matches you;

If it fits, we would like to know your expectation for career development and remuneration, and try to reach mutual agreement with you;

We will also, with your consent, contact your previous employers to understand your past career;

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Compensation & Benefits


We welcome outstanding talents to join us. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to continuously improving our remuneration system so as to provide a competitive remuneration package to our well-performing personnel.

Our remuneration package could be summarised as follows:


Salary and Performance Bonus

  • Annual basic salary
  • Annual performance bonus which is subject to employee's annual performance evaluation
  • Discretional bonus according to the business performance and other project rewards or incentives

Employee's remuneration is mainly determined according to the Company's results performance, your department's performance, your own performance and is also in consideration of the market rate.


We have introduced an option scheme so as to attract, retain and motivate senior executives and key personnel.


Discretional Bonus and Investment Opportunities
We offer discretional bonus to investment personnel and related managers once a project has been successfully invested or launched to the market. Qualified personnel can cast in their personal investment if they wish.



Medical Care, Insurance and Other Benefits

  • Statutory social insurance
  • Supplementary provident fund
  • Medical care: covers related costs of outpatient and emergency visits and hospitalisation
  • Insurance: covers life accident insurance, health accident insurance, business travel accident insurance
  • Vacation: Annual leaves, home leaves, maternity leaves and paternity leaves
  • Festival gifts and cash gifts for special day


Physical and Mental Well-being

    In addition to the competitive remuneration package and benefits, we will also organise many activities and provide other benefits to our employees, thereby ensuring the well-being of our employees could be well treated and concerned.
  • Body check services and fitness center
  • Medical counseling and medical resources and solutions
  • Annual tour and other cultural and recreational activities