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Live a Happier Family Life Through Our Business

On May 15, Fosun’s “International Day of Families”, we launched the Global Family Plan together with our partners to provide better products and services to global families. Here’re some of my thoughts on Global Family Plan.


Why did we launch “Global Family Plan”?


I always believe that one of the core Chinese values is the importance of family inheritance. Nowadays, people still attach great importance to family life, but they are so busy at work that little time can be made to care for families. Young people are working very hard and working long hours, and as a result they don’t have enough time for family planning. The number of newborns in China last year was only 15 million, a 2 million decrease compared to 17 million newborns in the year before. I’m worried about it, as families inheritances are very important to any country, any culture.


Fosun always wishes to contribute more to the happiness of families around the world. To do so, we built this “1+N” ecosystem. “1” is a large ecosystem that we hope utilizing the global integrated resources to better serve families, and “N” means Fosun’s multiple industrial groups. Our happiness tourism Foliday ecosystem includes Club Med, Atlantis Sanya, Cirque du Soleil, Miniversity, and others. Our healthcare ecosystem upgrades your access to first-class hospitals with comprehensive health management service with Fosun’s insurance. Even when you are not sick, you can still access to our healthcare service.


But I think it’s far from enough in Fosun’s service to families. We are wondering if, apart from Fosun’s small ecosystem, could there be a larger one in which more enterprises and partners can work together to better serve clients? This is the reason why we launched the “Global Family Plan”.


Of course, the business alliance plans to reach business goals by providing better products and services to meet modern families’ demands.


From the business perspective, can we have family clients enjoy more affordable products and services via shared channels?


We used to enjoy low cost of online service, but now are all feeling that online service is much more expensive than before. At the same time, a great amount of offline clients are not being well served. One example is banks. Banks can get in touch with valuable amount of clients, but unfortunately the client resources are not fully utilized.


Meanwhile, commercial property could represent a good amount of offline flow, and the price is currently very low. Taking residential building as reference, the relative value of offline clients is only 1/9th the value of ten years ago. Therefore, we should pay more attention to offline clients and the offline user experience. If our alliance members can share the use of these great resources, I believe that we can make create a great deal of value.


Can we launch popular products with a focus on family life through our cross-over cooperation?


We like traveling with our families. Even if the parents are busy working, grandparents will travel with grandchildren. In this scenario, I think Club Med is a good choice because it’s very family-friendly. A simple truth is if kids are satisfied, then the wife is satisfied, and then the whole family is satisfied.


Therefore, we are going to discuss whether our alliance partners can cooperate and better combine our products through cross-over or co-branding, so as to launch the best products that can satisfy families.


Happiness should be simple. We have to work hard to make money, but after that it’s more important to spend time with families and enjoy life together.


Perhaps on this Fosun International Day of Families, we could think about how we can surprise our family? For example, can we reserve a family trip? Or could we buy family health insurance for our parents?


As an entrepreneur, we want to offer more care for the society and more warmth for families through our business, so as to make the world a loving place. Here I’d like to advocate: let’s make a commitment for families around the world! Let’s do a meaningful thing on this meaningful day.