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Xie Dazhi

Xie Dazhi


Co-chairman of Fosun Health Investment


Mr. Xie is the Co-chairman of Fosun Health Investment. Since joining the group in 2013 and by Jan 31st, 2019, Mr. Xie has been a Senior Assistant to the President of Fosun Pharma, Executive Chief Representative of Guangdong Branch of Fosun, member of the board of Fosun Health Investment and Investment Decision Committee, Chairman of the board of Fosun Health Investment (South China) of Guangzhou, and President of Chancheng Central Hospital of Foshan City.

As of Jan 31st, 2019, Mr. Xie has been a member of the CPC Committee of Chancheng District of Foshan City and a standing member of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association. Before joining the group, Mr. Xie had worked in Traditional Chinese Hospital of Yiyang, Hunan (south China) and Chancheng Central Hospital, when he was honored with “China Physician Award” and became one of the founders of minimally invasive spine surgery in China as well as owner of national patent.

Mr. Xie received his master degree in spine surgery from Hunan Medical University in 1991, Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Lingnan College of Sun Yat-sen University in 2006 and PhD in administration from Princeton University in 2013. He has been a professor and supervisor for graduate candidate in Jinan University since 2014.