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CCTV:Guo Guangchang Attended NPC & CPPCC

CPPCC opening ceremony at 15:00 on 3rd March. Mr. Guo Guangchang at the meeting broadcast on live by CCTV.


 Mr. Guo Guangchang’s presence at CPPCC opening ceremony broadcast by CCTV 1 News at 19:00 on 3rd March


Premier Li Keqiang’s group discussion with 12th CPPCC members broadcast by CCTV 1 News at 19:00 on 4th March: Mr. Guo Guangchang, CPPCC member attended the meeting and contributed advice for the national economic growth.

Special program on supply side restructuring reform of “NPC & CPPCC Economic & Financial Observation” at “Economic Information News Report” broadcast by CCTV 2 Finance Channel at 20:30 on 4th March. Interview with Mr. Guo Guangchang.


Mr. Guo Guangchang suggested “In China’s supply side reform initiative, the intelligent economy should be developed more quickly in terms of holistic perspectives, coverage, industrial chain processes and social administration. He raised Qingdao Red Collar for instance, describing how Red Collar has achieved customized and flexible production.