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Allen Wang

Allen Wang


Founder & CEO of Babytree


Mr. Allen Wang is the founder & CEO of Babytree. He is a visionary who founded Chinese parenting giant Babytree in 2007. After years of endeavour, by embracing mobile internet, Wang leads “Babytree Pregnancy” app to occupy a monopoly position in the market. His innovative “community + e-commerce” model allows Babytree’s e-commerce platform to be China's first profitable vertical e-commerce player in maternal and baby market. He unfolds Babytree’s new era in big health and knowledge share economy. Holding fast to his education dream for ten years, Wang initiates a new model of early-education in the community. Accessing 90% of the Chinese parents online, Babytree owns high-quality traffic, offering premium and diversified online and off-line products and services to parents. As the biggest maternal, baby and family portal in China and even the world, Babytree allows parents to acquire knowledge, share experience, make friends, create memories of their families as well as do shopping, on its one-of-a-kind comprehensive platform. Centering around consumption upgrade of young families, Babytree is dedicated to build a member club to provide a variety of premium services and products carefully selected from all over the world. At the meantime, Wang is proactive in the exercise of Babytree’s corporate social responsibility, advocating for the popularization of baby-care room, launching corporate day-care project, and devoting to public welfare for women, babies, and families.

Before Wang founder Babytree, he served as senior executive at multinational corporations such as McKinsey, P&G, Yahoo, and Google. He coined Google’s Chinese name. He is hornored as “A Chinese Internet legend” by the industry for his unique insights in management system, strategic thinking, precise analysis of the internet and the strategy of startups.


Wang holds a dual-degree in electrical engineering and English from Tsinghua University, a master’s degree in sociology from Columbia University and a MBA from Georgetown University.