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Hong Kong Headline Daily: Fosun supports innovative technology and proactively contributes to the HK community


Headline Daily, Hong Kong publication with the highest circulation volume under the Sing Tao Daily Group, recently published a full-page coverage on the final competition of Fosun-HKUST MBA Technopreneur program co-organized by Fosun and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The article titled “Fosun supports innovative technology and proactively contributes to the HK community”, it also unveiled the underlying missions and objectives of the program.


All business proposals are closely associated with Fosun’s mission, “Through technology and innovation, creating customer-to-maker (C2M) ecosystems in health, happiness and wealth, providing high-quality products and services for families around the world”


Headline daily’s reporter attended the competition and got the first-hand experience of the marvelous introduction and presentation delivered by the five teams that were shortlisted for the finals, the reporter also conducted a brief interview with Mr. Li Haifeng, Fosun’s Global Partner and President of Fosun Foundation. Li Haifeng revealed the reason behind in launching this Technopreneur program, it is because both Fosun and HKUST shared the same value – “Emphasizing the importance of Technology Innovation, and endeavoring to support young talents to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions”. The business proposals presented by the students in the competition covered various sectors including healthcare, reproduction and education, and the themes are all closely associated with Fosun’s mission of creating C2M ecosystems in health, happiness and wealth through technology and innovation. The business proposals are truly astonishing in terms of concept creation, market analysis and financial forecasts.


The champion-winning team: The champion went to the ninth team that conducted an automated microfluidic platform for the egg and embryo freezing process for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The solution aims to enhance the efficiency of the process required to free an oocyte (human egg), creating a cheaper and automated freezing process and opening opportunities for women ages 18-35, being capable of augmenting the probability of successful pregnancy. This innovative idea has genuinely impressed the judges and the audience.


Fosun is proactive in giving back to Hong Kong society;

Sharing the same value with HKUST - Emphasizing in the importance of technology and innovation, supporting young talents to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions


Fosun is dedicated to its vision of changing the world through technology and bringing better lives to families around the world. Li Haifeng said he was truly delighted to witness the successful completion of the program, and indicated that it only marked the beginning of the collaboration with HKUST. He looked forward to further concerted efforts of both parties in fostering innovative technology and talent development. At the event, he announced that he had, together with the company team, explored the possibility of providing HKUST students with more hands-on opportunities, in the hope that they can be given internship opportunities at Fosun’s offices around the world, including those in China, the USA and Portugal. The ultimate aim is to allow young talents to progress and eventually become a part of Fosun under the guidance and leadership of professionals. Going forward, Fosun will collaborate with HKUST in launching more programs to encourage young people from Hong Kong and elsewhere to maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship that entails the creation of start-ups and to put forward more innovative ideas, such that ideas can be transformed into commercial applications that will bring more amazing products & services for families around the world.