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Babytree Wetime Ranked No.1 in the Report of Recording Apps for Chinese Family


On 31st August, Bigdata, China’s famous internet monitoring platform for big data, issued the latest Report of Recording Apps For Chinese Family. The report indicated that family recording APP has become the first choice for parents after 80s and 90s to record the growth process of their child. The mode of traditional parenting + mobile internet has redefined the parent-child relationship in the new era. As the data showed, Babytree Wetime ranked No.1 in the field of family recording in terms of active users, growth rate of users and degree of satisfaction.


At present, the sequential growth rate of active users in family recording app is distinct, in terms of which, Babytree Wetime is far ahead of other apps, with the sequential growth rate reaching 21.1% in May. The data of customer use in July showed that the daily average operating frequency and the per capita using time of Babytree Wetime stood first in the field, 3.4 times and 6.0 minutes respectively.


It is worth mentioning that young moms are the main users of recording app for Chinese family, while the post 80 and 90 female users took the highest proportion of Babytree users. The right age and active users make Babytree Wetime hold distinct advantages in its field.