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Fosun's Viewpoints of Education


Fosun was founded in 1992 with an initial capital investment of $4,000 by several graduates of Fudan University. After 25 years of development, Fosun’s total assets have increased to approximately $70 billion and its market value has risen to more than $13 billion.


Currently, Fosun focuses on providing products and services featuring health, happiness and wealth for families around the world. For example, we have invested in many companies with influential brands and products such as Club Med, Cirque du Soleil, Thomas Cook and others. Fosun’s main ambition for the future is to establish a global customer-to-maker (C2M) ecosystem that is deeply rooted in China and centered around families.


Of course, we face many challenges in accomplishing this objective. To this end, we need to stick to the following points:


First, entrepreneurship.

Our teams are always expected to maintain an appetite for new business opportunities just like football players  must remain in good shape between games. We need to provide high-quality products and services to customers and stay at least one step ahead of competitors, which is one of Fosun’s main business philosophies.


Second, learning ability.

Education forms the core of Fosun’s success and remains the main source of our competitiveness. That is why we call each other classmates — our colleagues even refer to Chairman Guo and me as classmates.. Of course, apart from always encouraging our people to educate themselves, we’re also eager to cooperate more frequently with top schools, either universities or high schools. Education is one of the key sectors that Fosun plans to develop in the future.


Third, our cultural value is “Contribution to Society”.

Since the founding of Fosun, our values have been reflected in “Self-improvement, Teamwork, Performance, Contribution to Society.” “Contribution to Society” highlights the contributions Fosun makes to society in an effort to help the world become a better place. We require Fosun Group’s head office and portfolio companies to be responsible corporate citizens and community members in the country in which they operate.


We have also been involved in many public welfare activities and have made education one of our top priorities. We have cooperated with Fudan University and many middle schools to provide education abroad, and we hope to invite more leading schools to establish a positive partnership with Fosun. These are just a few of the ways that demonstrate the importance of education to Fosun’s founders and our entire organization.