Progam of fosun and fidelidade with applications from more than 30 countries


protechting: second edition is even more international


Lisbon, April 10th, 2017 – The Protechting program, an innovative accelerator in the Health and Insurance sector, promoted by Fidelidade and Fosun, in partnership with Beta-I, has received applications from 33 different countries, which highlight its international character. Portugal (25%), Spain (10%) and the United Kingdom (8%) represent the majority of participants, but there are also startups from countries like China, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, France, Ireland, Israel, Vietnam, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Denmark, Kenya, Lebanon or United States.


Protechting has sparked the interest of startups from many areas of activity, namely from the sectors of Health (30%), Services (44%), Protection/Prevention (18%) and others (8%), and for other industries as distinct as Consultancy, Entertainment, Mobile, Finances, Insurance, Real Estate, Energy or Cleantech, for instance. As intended, this program has attracted startups with a functioning prototype, which may already have consumers and active sales.


For Jorge Magalhães Correia, President of Fidelidade, “The number and origin of applications for the second edition of the Protechting program confirm the attractiveness that Fidelidade and Fosun represent in the market and in the capitation of innovative ideas. And this attractiveness, which is evident in Portugal, drawing on the dynamism of the current entrepreneurial ecosystem, has also presented itself internationally as a result of the consistency with which FIDELIDADE and FOSUN have been betting on innovation, aiming at contributing to a bigger and better protection of people”.


Wang Qunbin, CEO of the Fosun Group, mentions that “The fact that we have received applications from more than 30 countries is a proof that the young generation recognizes the potential of Protechting, Fosun values entrepreneurship as one of its culture foundations and we strongly believe that the Protechting program would help more young entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. Fosun has been and will always be a responsible corporation. Protechting is a very good example of how Fosun fulfills its commitment”.


The second edition of the project culminates in an 8-week acceleration program. Following the applications period, the selection phase is now taking place and contacts with several startups are being made, lasting until April 19th, when the 25 teams that are accepted into the Bootcamp will have been chosen. The 2 months of acceleration will take place after this, between May 22nd and July 7th 2017, already with 15 finalist teams”, advances Manuel Tânger, Head of Innovation & Corporate Acceleration and co-founder at Beta-i.


Protechting is set on the shared vision between Fidelidade and the Fosun Group, that defines entrepreneurship as an essential source of innovation for the construction of the societies of the future. Through this program, Fidelidade and Fosun intend, thus, to stimulate the creation of a culture of innovation, facilitating the access to important resources for the evolution and accomplishment of business ideas.


Protechting seeks to support and accelerate the development of projects that improve the protection of people and estate, in three business areas:


  • Protection / Prevention – Projects that allow to increase the protection of people and estate;
  • Service – Projects that enable the improvement of the experience of service/assistance in the areas of Fintech and Insurtech, as a means to increase the satisfaction levels;
  • Health – Projects in the area of health (prevention and/or treatment), that help to significantly improve the quality of life and well-being of the families.


The three best projects will be awarded with a roadshow in China, gaining access to some of the biggest international investors, and the possibility of benefiting from a capital participation, or from integrating their business at Fidelidade or in one of the companies held by Fosun. The winner, with the best business project, will be distinguished with a money prize worth 10 thousand euros.


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