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Focus on Industry 4.0 Era - Fosun collaborates with Japan’s Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc.

 (18 May 2017) Today, Fosun officially announced a capital alliance with Japan’s Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc. (Seven Dreamers) in marketing innovative products and services such as Laundroid - the Clothes-folding Robot, Nastent – Medical device for Anti-snoring and Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Carbon Fiber Golf Shaft. In the era of 4.0 Industry transformation, Fosun takes the lead in scientific research and technological innovation, committing to provide a better quality of life, comfortable and convenient solutions for household in their daily life.


Founded in 2011, Seven Dreamers is one of the widely acclaimed Japanese innovative-oriented enterprises in recent years. Seven Dreamers was awarded Special Jury Award (Technology Innovation Award) by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and was named by Forbes Japan in 2016 as the “Top 5 Most Innovative Startups” in Japan, the company was also known as the Japanese “Unicorn”. Moreover, Dr. Shin Sakane, the founder of Seven Dreamers awarded an Excellence Award by Nikkei Business Publications at the Japan Innovators Award 2016. He is also regarded as one of the 100 individuals who will set off a new era in 2017. Key innovative products from Seven Dreamers include:


  1. Laundroid - Clothes-folding Robot

Clothes-folding Laundroid is the world’s first Laundry clothes-folding machine. It has caught great attention from media and the industry in the Japan Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technology (CEATEC) in October 2016 and Consumer Electronics Show (CES in Las Vegas) in January 2017. By inputting relevant information, the robot automatically recognizes different types of clothes through its intelligent system, and folds clothes for different family members. This saves much time on repetitive folding process and provides great convenience for families. Currently, an all-in-one machine with laundry/dry/folding functions is under research and development.


  1. Nastent - Medical device for  Anti-snoring and Sleep Apnea Syndrome  

Nastent is a tube-shaped medical device developed by Seven Dreamers. With the latest innovative technology in materials science, Nastent is made of a silicon rubber that is soft and close to the feeling of human skin. The tube inserts from patient’s nostril to nearby tonsil, it aids the patient’s breathing by securing the air flow in the upper airway during sleep with minimal discomfort, so as to secure a quality sleep and relief the burden of the patient. The product is well-known by the general public in Japan, and is going to be used in Europe and the United States. The preparation work of its entering in the mainland China market is also in progress.


  1. Customized Carbon Fiber Golf Shaft 

The shaft is customized made that according to the habits of users. With the self-developed carbon fiber manufacturing method, the shaft was compressed and molded for one time in order to avoid the carbon fiber was destroyed by traditional polishing process. The molded shaft will have better strength with unchanged weight as there is no need for surface coating. It has already gained high popularity among professional golf players and enthusiasts.


Mr.Chen Qiyu Executive Director and Co-President of Fosun Group, stated, “Fosun endeavors to work with global enterprises and people who possess an entrepreneurial and craftsman spirit. Japan’s Seven Dreamers has high degree of innovation and great quality of scientific research. It focuses on developing intelligent, user-friendly and innovative products which keep up with product refinement capability and spirit of craftsman that Fosun advocates. Through the cooperation with Seven Dreamers, we believe we can accelerate the pace of research and development, and product commercialization together. We aim to launch more products that can impress our clients and fulfill their increasing demand in health, happiness and wealth segments, hence creating a global happiness ecosystem for success.”


Dr. Shin Sakane, founder of Seven Dreamers, said, “As an innovative group with the aim of “Creating what the world has never seen”, we have launched “Laundroid”: the world's first fully automatic laundry folding machine; “Nastent”: Medical instrument to retreat snoring and sleep apnea syndrome, “Shaft”: a golf shaft with the highest quality. We are pleased to collaborate with Fosun, to fully leverage  Fosun’s professional resources and network among all segments to go into internationalization with China as the core market.”


Fosun and Seven Dreamers have reached an agreement to form a capital alliance and pursue further business cooperation on product development, research and innovation, as well as connect to its global investment capability to promote bilateral cooperation in global platform’s expansion and collaboration. In Industry 4.0 era being reconstructed by Internet and new industrial ecology based on AI, this move is an important milestone of Fosun Group’s strategic layout in the global high-tech field.