Fosun Global Partners

WANG Jiping

WANG Jiping


Vice President of Fosun International

Co-Chairman and CEO of Fosun Hive

Director of YUYUAN Inc.


Mr. Wang joined the Group in 2000 and served as kinds of key positions in the real estate business unit of FOSUN. He currently serves as Vice President of FOSUN International, the Co-chairman and CEO of FOSUN Hive, and Director of YUYUAN group Inc.


Mr. Wang has been specialized in real estate for nearly 30 years. He is full of experience in various HIVE products that accelerate the growth of both cities and industries across China. Majorly in charge of the property platform FOSUN HIVE, he is committed to providing industry-city integration solutions for cities and offering full-cycle operation services to facilitate the growth of local industries. All the experiences made him an expert with profound insights in how to customize HIVE products for each individual city.


Mr. Wang is also a Deputy to the People's Congress of Putuo District, an Executive Chairman of China Real Estate Association, a Vice Chairman of Shanghai Real Estate Association, and the President of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce in Hubei province. Mr. Wang graduated from Tongji University with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and obtained his MBA degree from Wuhan University – North Virginia University joint program.