Fosun Global Partners

WANG Jiping

WANG Jiping


Vice President of Fosun International

Director of YUYUAN Inc.

President of Forte Group


Mr. Wang graduated from Shanghai Tongji University with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and obtained his MBA degree from Wuhan University – North Virginia University. He joined Forte Group in 2000 and served as kinds of key positions in the Group. In December2014, Mr. Wang was nominated President of Forte Group. He currently serves as Senior Assistant President of Fosun International, President of Fosun Property, President of Forte Group, Co-Chairman of Star Capital, CEO of Sungin, President of Oriental Merchant, Chairman & CEO & President of Starlatitude, Chairman & CEO of Star Commercial, Chairman & CEO of Golte. Mr. Wang became the Global Partner of Fosun in January 2017.