Fosun Investment Philosophy

Wang Qunbin: We Must Keep Using Our Historic Power!


Fosun’s “Small Goal”


  Fosun’s vision is to become “a first-class investment group, rooted in China, with outstanding global industrial integration and asset allocation capabilities.” We also seek to “create a successful global health ecosystem.”


  What should Fosun do when faced with bigger challenges? To use a phrase that was popular online in China in 2016, “I have used all my historic power.” But we add a slight twist, “We must continue to use all our historic power!”


  In 2017, we are adding a word to Fosun’s cultural values: “urgency." We must be urgent in many things and must pay attention to the need to advance our goals in the near term.


        Recently, a new player called “Master” has been competing online against professional masters of the game Go, with 60 wins, 0 losses and 1 tie. It was recently revealed that the “Master,” who beat top player Lee Sedol, is Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo computer program. This not only shocked the Go community; it left a deep impression on us. New technology, artificial intelligence and Fosun’s broad experience is telling us that we are now coming into a new era. AI is coming!


  In 2017, Fosun will step up its efforts to advance its operations in fields of innovation, such as artificial intelligence, big data, self-driving vehicles, cloud computing, and AR/VR. Fosun will also focus on efforts related to investment opportunities in C2M and mobile internet innovation. We will continue to promote Fosun’s strategy of investing in “unicorns” and add unicorn investment pipelines. This includes companies involved in major science and technology fields, which will remain an important driving force of Fosun development for the next 5-10 years.


  Based on a full recognition of our cultural values -- as an investment group creating a successful happiness ecosystem -- Fosun’s 2017 specific strategy in 2017 is to focus on three elements: industrial integration, asset allocation, and empowering and value-adding.


  In terms of industrial integration, we hope the industries we involved in and the enterprises in which we have invested can achieve integrated development through endogenous growth and exogenous mergers and acquisitions. This remains a key goal of some of the best enterprises in China and even the world.


  In terms of asset allocation, Fosun has always insisted on investment discipline. We must further strengthen our asset allocation and investment capabilities, stick to value investing, and discover and create value for the enterprises in which we invest.


  In terms of empowering and value-adding, we must continue to promote the establishment of the One Fosun Smart System, integrating internal Fosun Group resources through cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to establish a more powerful back end for group sharing. This will enable the creation and addition of value for our invested enterprises.


  Fosun must position its commitment to the highest quality as a key element of our business. We should not only concentrate on the company, but also on every product and every service we offer. Each must have a good position and strong style, being “bigger and better.” We want to help our global customers live happy lives by providing convenient lifestyle solutions, and creating Fosun’s global happiness ecosystem for success.