Fosun Investment Philosophy

Guo Guangchang: Creating a Happiness Ecosystem for Success


C2M is currently the most crucial focus for Fosun .


  1. Integrate online and offline strategies to reach targeted customer bases, maximizing its full value.


  Reaching target customer bases in the future will become more fragmented due to increasingly diversified channels, while the possibilities and value of offline channels are rebounding. Fosun will combine online and offline strategies to extend our audiences via diversified investment and scenarios that maximize market value. (Continued on Page 8)


The Distance Between Success and Failure is 0.01 Second


  What makes 0.01 second?


  Chairman Guo Guangchang shared the Group’s talent recruitment criteria and Fosun global partner model for creating an elite organization at Fosun Global Annual Conference on January 15, 2017. How and what are the criteria that “makes the world different because of Fosun”? Let’s take a look at his presentation.


  Fosun Elite 0.01 Criteria


  The world is different because of Fosun and you, thus we ought to be an elite organization. In other words, we should be an organization of elites. All of us here are different from others. So, what are Fosun’s criteria for elites? As Wang Qunbin (Fosun’s President) and Kang Lan (Fosun’s Chief Human Resources Officer) said, we can sum up Fosun’s elite criteria with three “0.01” seconds:


  ①We must find people who are faster than the fastest person by 0.01 second; this is the requirement for competence.


  Things are changing quickly, and the difference between you and the “winner” is no longer one day or one minute or even one second; the difference is 0.01 second.


  Fosun needs to find those “0.01-second” people: those who are faster than the fastest person by 0.01 second, who has the potential to win others by 0.01 second, and who can help others become the person faster than the fastest person by 0.01 second. Fosun aims to help entrepreneurs and innovators become 0.01 second faster than others.


  On the other hand, what Fosun wants to avoid the most are those who are mediocre, especially those who have a tedious resume without any highlighted achievements, who have experience but lack of innovation, and who are not willing to learn and grow. This type of people must be eliminated. The elite are the ones ahead of their peers, those who can excel beyond others in professional capabilities, and those who can innovate.


  ②We must find those 0.01 people who are more passionate about learning than others.


  Likewise, because the world is changing, if you do not learn, as this era continues to change as quickly as ever before, no matter how experienced you are, you are going to fall behind and be eliminated. We believe that as long as you continue to learn, you will always have the opportunities. Therefore, in selecting talent, Fosun must give opportunities to those people who insist and are eager to learn, and who learn better and faster than others. (Continued on Page 6)