Fosun Investment Philosophy

Globalization Should Adhere to a Nation’s Fundamental Beliefs


Worldwide Zhejiang Entrepreneurs 2016 Shanghai Forum & the 30th Anniversary of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai were hosted in Shanghai on November 19. Guo Guangchang, the Chairman of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and Chairman of Fosun Group delivered a keynote speech.

  In the view of Guo, the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce needs a new spirit and mission in the new era, as well as to become an economic icon of China in the globalization age. He suggested that Zhejiang entrepreneurs should take more efforts on addressing challenges and responsibilities, seeking to act with integrity, thriving for innovation, being true to their nation’s fundamental beliefs, and having a pioneering spirit in promoting deep integration between Chinese enterprises and the rest of the world. He added that Zhejiang entrepreneurs should become the representative of Chinese economy and enterprises, who act as Chinese ambassadors in global economic, trade, and cultural exchanges, so that people can understand China and Chinese enterprises better. Zhejiang entrepreneurs also should promote Chinese dedication, help create value and promote local developments.