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Fosun Property Invests in Goujia, Further Developing its C2M Ecosystem Layout


During the conference, Fosun Group Anchor Serena Tang interviewed Chairman on the platform of live webcast.

  On September 20, Fosun held a joint press conference with Goujia Online (“Goujia”) in Hangzhou, announcing its investment in Goujia, a Chinese home decoration O2O (online-to-offline) service provider.

  This is another important initiative in Fosun’s C2M ecosystem after its earlier investments in Red Collar and The move also marks Fosun’s entry into the multibillion-dollar home decoration market.

  As introduced by Yan Chuanzan, Founder and CEO of Guojia, Goujia is an Internet company. Driven by technology, the company offers hassle-free home decoration services for its customers, combining both online and offline channels to build a new ecosystem for the industry.

  Fosun Chairman Guo Guangchang stated that “investing in Goujia fits perfectly with Fosun’s C2M, ‘unicorns’, and ‘wealth, health, and happiness’ strategies. With big data technology, Goujia is able to solve the pain points experienced by customers in the traditional home decoration business. Fosun will work together with Guojia to further upgrade the business, integrating resources within the industry chain and creating an innovative ecosystem. ”

  Fosun Senior Assistant to the President and Fosun Property Holdings President Gong Ping noted that: “the investment falls in line with Fosun Property’s strategic transition into a new business model characterized by ‘financial, global, and hive-oriented growth’. Projects such as Guojia will help Fosun Property expand its overall product power and further its upgrade into an investment platform from a traditional real-estate developer.”

  As a representative of the investment team, Vice President of Fosun Property Holdings and President of Stater Capital Liu Bin discussed the rationale behind the investment, explaining that “the deal allows Fosun to enter the home decoration business. Goujia’s ‘One-Click’ service aims to offer one-stop solution to customers. It is an innovative concept in the Chinese market, another great example of internet innovation.”


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