Behind-the-Scenes Endeavours to Create a Miracle Called Atlantis, Sanya in 636 days


  Under the cloudless sky on a beautiful summer day in mid-July at Haitang Bay in Sanya, one cannot help but be awed by a giant sail-shaped building under construction. A magnificent work in progress, Atlantis Hotel, Sanya is the third Atlantis resort in the world and represents the first foray of the resort hotel group into China’s market. Being built on a site of 806mu, Atlantis Hotel, Sanya is the tallest coastal high-rise building in Hainan province and features China's largest natural saltwater aquarium.

  Exquisite work done efficiently in the spirit of the craftsman in China

  At the construction site office, Lu Zhihong, Senior Vice-President of Hainan Atlantis Commerce & Tourism Development Co. Ltd., and Wan Yong, Engineering Director of Hainan Atlantis Commerce & Tourism Development Co. Ltd., proudly elaborated a number of astonishing new records of Atlantis, Sanya.

  1. Atlantis, Sanya is an enormous project – The entire stand-alone project has a gross floor area of 250,000 square meters. The sail-shaped hotel will be 226 meters in height, with 48 storeys above ground and one storey below the ground. It will take 52,000 tons of steel and 190,000 cubic meters of concrete (including over 20,000 cubic meters of concrete for the foundation) to construct the resort hotel.

  2. High standards – As the third Atlantis resort in the world, Atlantis, Sanya is an ambitious project because it will have to meet high requirements and large capacity. It will feature China’s largest natural saltwater aquarium that can hold 13,500 tons of water, which can fill a volume of a rectangular prism with an area of a standard football field and a height of 1.3 meters.

  3. A daunting task – The construction team faced the challenging tasks of massive concrete casting and construction of acrylic arch frame and conversion layer of the tower structure as well as aluminium formwork.

  Shawn Cao, President of Fosun Tourism & Commercial Group, had previously worked at a listed company in Singapore where he was responsible for a real estate business in China. Attracted by the prospect of the construction project of Atlantis, Sanya, Mr. Cao left his family members behind in Singapore. “Back to the time when the Atlantis project in Dubai was open for business, I was keenly aware of the great sensation that it caused, even in Singapore. Here in Hainan, I was impressed by the grandeur of Sanya project’s design. It inspired me to come to work in Sanya and join the Atlantis team.”

  However, the awe-inspiring design of the resort hotel that attracted Shawn to Sanya in the first place entailed uphill tasks.

  Shawn explained, “The whole project is simply extraordinary, enormous and challenging. Every storey has its own style which involves a lot of structural and conversion difficulties. During the construction process, the formulation of drawings, designs and construction were conducted at the same time. Such an approach to construction works called for the most advanced technologies and posed the greatest challenge to us.”

  The construction site of Atlantis, Sanya was held up as an example of how to ensure safety while pursuing efficiency in China. The project site was a model site in Hainan province, and won the title of “A safe and well-organized construction site in Sanya”. All construction and management personnel made the pursuit of quality their foremost priority. With the smooth completion of those most complicated constructions such as the tower building’s conversion layer and the huge saltwater aquarium which called for a high degree of precision, the project has gained industry-wide recognition. Lu Zhihong said confidently, “The team has achieved certain results, but we have set our sights high – we aim for the nationwide gold prize for quality.”

Behind-the-Scenes Endeavours to Create a Miracle Called Atlantis, Sanya in 636 days