Contribution to Society

Business for good and value sharing

To make use of and to integrate the existing resources with the advantage in knowledge and technology; to contribute to clean waters and green mountains through energy conservation and environmental protection; to contribute to society by creating wealth.; to serve society by building the brand; and to benefit the society by participating in public welfare.
To achieve the above objectives, we will strengthen the management of the following key aspects
  • Participation in Social Welfare Activities
    Poverty alleviation Health Youth Entrepreneurship Education Culture and art
  • Green Products and Technologies
    Clean technology investment
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
    Risk Assessment of Climate Change Green Building Carbon Inventory Carbon Emission Reduction
  • Resource Management
    Water resource management:Water conservation, Reclaimed Water Reuse Material management:Packaging Materials usage reduction Energy management:Energy Management System、Clean Electricity
  • Environmental Protection
    Environment management system Compliance emission of wastewater, air pollutant and solid waste Solid waste recycling
  • Biodiversity

Fovision - Public Welfare Summer Camp

Tai Chi Adjuvant Therapy Program

Rural Doctor Program