Unity of knowledge and action

Through continuous self-reflection, we comprehensively review our strengths and weaknesses, objectively evaluate ourselves and ultimately achieve self-improvement upon repeated revisions and continuous enhancement. Keep a strong passion for learning, develop great learning ability, strive to build a learning organization and push beyond limits to achieve a higher level of success
To accomplish the above objectives, we will strengthen the management of the following key aspects
  • Employee Learning and Development
    Forge learning-oriented organization Talent development strategy
  • Employment Compliance and Caring for Employees
    Diversity and equal opportunity Fosun Day for Fosun employees and families Employee engagement activities
  • Standardization in Corporate Governance
    Sustainable management Comprehensive risk management Risk and public opinion management
  • Commercial Integrity and Anti-corruption Supervision
    Anti-fraud Anti-money laundering Anti-unfair competition
  • Protect employees’ health and safety
    Occupational health and safety management system National standardization certification of safety production EHS special standard

Onboarding Military Training

CFO Training Camp

515 Fosun Family Day