Industrial Operations


The health segment of Fosun is ready to grasp opportunity for consolidating its advantages and it will focus on four main areas, specifically population aging, newborns, sub-health and tumors.


In 2015, profit attributable to owner of the parent from the Group’s health segment reached RMB1.75 billion, up 60.1% year-on-year.


As at 31 December 2015, Fosun has already invested 13 hospitals, 2 professional nursing units and 7 private clinics with 3,777 beds in total. Fosun’s senior living communities, including the high-end senior living organization Starcastle Senior Living, have a total gross floor area (“GFA”) of 96,700 sq.m. with 1,090 beds in total. For the Group’s senior living communities, the total GFA under development was 342,259 sq.m. with 2,977 beds in total in 2015.


In addition, Fosun stepped up efforts to invest in innovative medical care projects built upon modern information technologies such as mobile Internet and big data. So far, Fosun has already invested in a number of mobile Internet health brands, such as, Mingyizhudao, Iplusmed, Easyhin, Ysbang and Mypharma, etc. Fosun also set up venture capital fund and angel investment team dedicated to Internet healthcare in order to build up an incubation platform conducive to rapid development of innovative medical care model.

Happy Lifestyle

In 2015, Fosun completed the acquisition of Club Med, a global high-end tourism chain brand and invested in Thomas Cook, a British leisure tourism group, Cirque du Soleil, the quintessence of Canada, and Silver Cross, a British high-end nursery brand.


At the same time, Studio 8, a Hollywood movie producer in which Fosun invested, has invested in the shooting of 4 new movies, including two directed by famous director Ang Lee and one of which will be out on general release in the second half of this year. Furthermore, Yuyuan, which is under the wings of Fosun, successfully acquired Hokkaido Hoshino Tamamu Resort, one of the world’s top ski resorts located in Hokkaido, Japan.

Property Development and Sales

Fosun Property is a comprehensive property investment and management platform of Fosun Group, connecting multiple sources of funding, utilizing “Hive City + Global Landscape” as its core strategy, charactered with “Financialization, Globalization, Industrialization”, dedicating to global real estate investment and management, aiming to be a global leader in real estate investment and asset management, covering whole real estate value chain of real estate investment, real estate development, asset management, fund management and other real estate services.


Fosun Property has a number of platforms, including Forte, Sunyu Capital, Sungin Capital, Stater Capital, Sunvision Capital, Resource, Golte, Starlatitude, and IDERA, Resolution Property, Rio Bravo, Fosun Eurasia, forming multi-industry capability of real estate investment and management, to provide comprehensive service to meet demands of development and construction. Fosun Property has footsteps with teams and assets in global gateway cities like Tokyo, London, Lisbon, New York, Zurich, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Singapore, Milan, Seoul, Mumbai, and Frankfurt coveringmature markets and emerging markets, becoming the pioneer andleader of globalization among real estate investors in China.


Capitalizing on Fosun’s unique Hive Resources and global teams’ expertise, Fosun Property offer attractive global real estate investment programs and opportunities. By now, Fosun Property has expanded its landscape with over 120 on-going projects in over 40 cities across the globe. Total asset under management is over 240 billion RMB.

Steel & Resources

Nanjing Nangang


Nanjing Nangang has implemented reform of the business department and granted full authorities to all production units to strengthen their market operation awareness and self-management capacity. Internally potentials were tapped for cost efficiency, and externally connection of production with market were promoted to enhance product innovativeness and product competitiveness, which were conducive to integration of production, marketing, research and application and helped customers create value. Meanwhile, Nanjing Nangang accelerated transformation of its business mode from traditional manufacturing to the modern services industry, and headed towards simultaneous development of “Steel + energy efficiency and environmental protection”.


Hainan Mining


The Group engages in iron ore production and operation through a subsidiary, Hainan Mining. Hainan Mining owns a large open-pit, high-grade iron ore mine in China. Its core business includes mining and sales of iron ore. By investing in the existing mining projects and other mining companies, Hainan Mining aims to accelerate the expansion of its scale and promote its industry position.




The Company intended to utilize ROC as its strategic platform in the oil and gas sector in future. Leveraging on its leading operational and management capabilities and business development potentials, the Company will integrate its existing business bases in the PRC, Southeast Asia and Australia, to capture the global oil and gas investment opportunities under the overall decline in oil price environment, so as to obtain sustainable returns.