Wealth Management


Fosun is now engaged in building up a global household wealth management platform. This platform includes not only risk management and wealth protection provided by various kinds of insurance products but also more diversified and comprehensive financial services such as management of growth in household wealth, allocation of household wealth as well as Internet finance.


As at the end of 2015, Fosun’s investable assets of insurance segment reached RMB160.4 billion. Funds under the Group’s direct management amounted to RMB63.4 billion. Total fund under the third-party wealth management, which was indirectly managed by private banks and insurance companies held by Fosun, was RMB56.8 billion.


2015 was a fruitful year for the wealth segment: Zhejiang E-Commerce Bank Co., Ltd., which was set up along with Ant Financial as well as a few other shareholders, formally opened for business. After IDERA in Japan, Resolution Property, a British property investment and assets management platform, and Fosun Eurasia Capital, a comprehensive financial platform in Russia, were established. Innovative financing companies such as Fosun Yuntong Small Loan, Fosunling and Fortune Credit were launched in China. The Group’s fully-owned Hani Securities was formally renamed as Fosun Hani Securities in early 2016 and became a crucial part of Fosun’s global wealth management network.


The household wealth management model adopted by the wealth segment helped the Group obtain stable earnings over the long term through the management and running of the light assets.

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